Small Bathroom Sinks Ideas


Remember that a sink is one of the most important items that your bathroom can’t go without. Choosing the right type and style will provide a positive feeling in the room as well as make things easier and more convenient for all people using it. Find out the different kinds to know which one best suits your preference and area. Here are some tips on small bathroom sinks.

The Types of Sinks

Traditional models of bathrooms sinks are usually made of white porcelain. These are usually very affordable and come in various shapes and sizes.

Most popular forms would be round, oval or square placed on a countertop or a pedestal. If you want to have a solid color finish on your bathroom sink and countertop, you may want to invest in solid surface models which are pre-molded in standard sizes that can easily be fitted in most counter spaces. There are also custom-molded designs which are more expensive and should be installed by a professional.

Your small bathroom may look wider and sleeker with sinks made of glass. There are glass sink bowls which are popular among contemporary themes.

These are very functional and fashionable since they come in an array of colors, textures and patterns. You can find several designs that will match your bathroom theme.

There are also some styles that can be set on top of counters or come with iron bases and chrome stands. These types of materials are good at drawing and reflecting light that will create the illusion of a bigger space.

If you really intend to use light to expand the feeling in the room, invest in metal bathroom sinks which come in stainless steel, chrome, copper and brass.

The drain, faucet and knobs are metal as well. These are especially attractive when placed under good light. You can also pick some useful combinations to compliment the metal such as porcelain or glass.

The good thing about sink bowls is that you can install them virtually on any solid base. There are also wall-mounted designs that will give you more floor space and improve efficiency in your small bathroom.

Choosing the Right Sink

Pedestal and wall-mounted sinks are the most popular among small bathrooms since these free up a lot of floor space. Some styles can help provide a larger feeling to the room while smaller sizes provide the extra walking space you need.

You may have to look for shelves and cabinets to serve as storage spots since the area under pedestals is virtually available. Other kinds include console sinks, undermount sinks, self-rimming sinks and vessel style sinks.

Drop-in sinks easily fit on a countertop or vanity and can easily be installed even without the help of a professional. The advantage of drop-in types is that you get to have under-the-counter storage space.

Undercounter sinks provide a very clean and sleek look since these do not have rims or lips and the top is even with the countertop. This provides the opportunity for creative faucet position.

When choosing the right small bathroom sink, make sure you have the accurate dimensions. If you’re simply replacing an old model, make sure the new one fits correctly into the present cutout.

Also consider the type and style of faucet you should put on the sink. Maintain balance and symmetry as well as the right hole punching measuring either 4 or 8 inches. Faucets also come in different styles so mix and match colors and patterns according to your theme.

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