Small Bathroom Storages for Your Small Bathroom


small bathroom storages

Having a small bathroom sometimes makes us have to plan well when choosing furniture. Especially when choosing a place to store toiletries. Selection of bathroom storages must be in accordance with the function, size, and capacity in storing goods. Here are some small bathroom storages that you can choose for your small bathroom.

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Small bathroom storage box

For a small bathroom, a box store is a perfect choice. It is also the most practical way to put your stuff to its function. Its compact and stackable shape makes it less demanding. By using these boxes, your toiletries will look neater and orderly. Place the box under the sink, or if there is a place around the lavatory counter, you can put it there.

Small bathroom storage cabinet

If your small bathroom has a wall hung lavatory, you can place the cabinet at the bottom of it. But, if you have a pedestal lavatory, you should choose a cabinet with sleek and height shape. You can place the cabinet in the corner of the room to keep your bathroom look spacious.

Small bathroom storage bench

For those of you who want to have a bench in your small bathroom, choose a bathroom storage bench. This kind of storage is suitable for small bathrooms because it has two functions at once. You can save more space because there is no need to add cabinet or rack to store toiletries.

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Small bathroom storages drawer

For those who want to use the storage drawer, select a drawer with a size that is not too large, and tend to be slim. No need to use the drawers with too much content, please adjust as needed. One thing you need to consider, if you already have cabinets in your bathroom, you do not need to add a drawer. Choose one in between, so that your small bathroom does not feel more cramped.

Small bathroom storage shelves

You can install shelves storage on your bathroom wall. Install shelves in layers to put toiletries so it can make your bathroom space fully utilized. Put in a strategic place. To keep your toothbrush, face soap, and hand soap, you can install it near the sink. To store shampoo and bath soap, you can install it near the shower.

Small bathroom storages rack

You can also make use of the spice rack to put toiletries. Install two or three spice racks in a stack. You can install it close to a sink or shower, to make it easily accessible. The spice rack is also more secure than the usual shelves because there is a safety section which can keep your stuff to keep from falling.

Those are the small bathroom storages you can choose. Choosing the right furniture for a small room is a bit tricky. You have to make sure that the object you will put there is needed. Therefore, use as little as possible additional furniture and wise in selecting it. Make sure to select one multifunctional furniture that is practical and can save space.

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You are also better using a shower than a bathtub. It is because a shower needs less space than a bathtub. For the bathroom’s wall, you better paint it white because a room with white paint will tend to look more spacious and clean.

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