Things to Note Down When Decorating Your Small Entryway


small entryway decor ideas

What is the entryway of your house or apartment like? To some people, an entryway is probably treated as “just an entryway”. As long as there is no clutter that gets in the way, you do not need to make an effort to decorate it.

That is actually a misperception. No matter how small, an entryway still needs to be decorated. So, here are some tips of small entryway decor.

The Small Front Entrance Ideas in Interior Designing

An entryway is actually important too. It can give the guests the first impression before they enter and see the entire house or apartment unit. Despite the size, a small entryway decoration still needs to be done.

There are things you can do to maximise your small entryway as you decorate, which are:

  • Have small, less furniture there and leave no clutters that can get in the way. It will make the entryway look neat and still leave enough space for your guests to walk in.
  • Keep the entryway clean. Scrub the floor and wall regularly and dust the whole area off.
  • Have some lights that are bright enough, especially if the guests visit at night.

The Long, Narrow Entryway Ideas

What if your entryway is long but narrow? To some people, it gives them a sense of claustrophobia, as if they are in the tunnel. To others, a tunnel-like entryway sounds adventurous and fun. You can use the latter concept to decorate your entryway.

Just like the first one, do not have too much furniture in the entryway. Make the decoration as simple as possible (like, no paintings hung on the wall or at least just a small one).

Functionalise your long, narrow entryway by hanging a long cabinet on one wall and a long line to hang your coats, hats, and caps. A small, long table on that same side is also good to avoid cluttering the space with knick-knacks.

The Small Apartment Entryway Ideas

What if you live in an apartment? What if it is a studio apartment instead of a larger unit? Surely, the main focus here is on the functionality instead of aesthetics.

Again, you can still rely on “less is more” policy when it comes to placing furniture there. Just like with the long, narrow entryway, have smaller furniture that can also function as a storage for your clutter and other stuff too. For example: a shelf to hang your coats and hats and a rack for your shoes.

Having a small table in your small apartment entryway is also a good idea. Imagine returning home to your apartment and tossing your car or motorbike keys into a bowl on that table. When you leave, you will also remember to get your keys there.

Still, need more storage to keep your things in the entryway? Some rattan baskets (which you can also put under the table) are also practical. There are always plenty of options.

Despite the size, small entryway decor is still something that you can really do. As long as you know how to minimise the furniture-placing and how to keep it clean, your entryway will always be the great first impression for every guest who visits.

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