Small Kitchen Carts Ideas


Through the years, small kitchen carts have continued to show their usefulness. There are different designs available with particular functions like serving tea, serving breakfast, serving wine, etc. These also come in many designs as well as prices although most are considerably over $100 at least. Learn how to choose the right cart for your kitchen.

What are Kitchen Carts For?

Kitchen carts are one of the most useful solutions in small kitchens since these provide the advantages of extra storage space, accessibility to frequently used kitchen items as well as additional preparation area. The most identifiable characteristic may be the carts’ mobility since all models come with a set of wheels for serving purposes. Since you have limited space in your kitchen, a cart can be wheeled in and out of any given area to improve the work triangle and properly direct traffic and minimize effort.

There are many makes and types of small kitchen carts. One of the most common is wooden carts which have the advantages of a clean classic appearance and easy customization. However, leaks and spills can also easily seep into wood which can soften and compromise its integrity over some time. It is ideal to seal wooden carts to make sure that these stay protected against moisture. Wood is also good for serving very hot food and drinks since it does not absorb heat.

There are stainless steel kitchen carts that have the advantages of a sleek appearance, durability and low maintenance. These are less susceptible to spills compared to wooden designs. Most models may also be more expensive depending on the design. Tile-topped kitchen carts are very stable and manage spills and messes very well. These can serve as secondary countertops when placed beside islands. Tiles may also accumulate dirt after some time which requires tedious periodic cleaning. Granite topped small kitchen carts look very stylish but tend to gather dust. All of these makes and types are functional so pick the right one that matches your area’s design as well as your specific activities in the kitchen.

Maintaining the Carts

Wooden carts need re-polishing every quarter or every six months. This is to ensure that they stay protected from spills and leaks. To do a general clean up, use soapy water then wipe the cart clean. Use a moist towel later on to follow up then dry. Be careful about commercial cleaners since many of these can actually damage the wood after some time. Wood fillers are good to fix scratches and abrasions. Stainless steel carts need to be cleaned up immediately after any spillage. Use non-abrasive cleaner when doing a general clean up.

As for tile-topped models, use warm soap water on the top. Clean the grout if there’s any with a toothbrush, soap and water then reapply some mold if there seems to be inconsistencies. Granite-topped carts need to be dusted frequently too avoid food contamination. Non-abrasive cleaners are also ideal to avoid scratches on the surface. For most types of small kitchen carts, mild soap and water usually do the job well. Some small kitchen carts may come with special features like extra drawers, glass containers or mirrors. Choose one that best serves the purpose and is right for your budget. Check the wheels regularly as well to prevent accidents.

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