57+ Small Kitchen Ideas That Prove Size Doesn’t Matter


Having a small kitchen to begin with will ignite a lot of creativity and resourcefulness on your part.

You have to choose every item and detail that you place in the room wisely in order to maintain a neat appearance as well as keep work as convenient as possible. You may be surprised to know that majority of people actually have small kitchens but still manage well.

Tried-and-Proven Ideas

New appliances will help create symmetry and organization in your small kitchen. Look for save-spacing and energy-efficient ones to maximize your working space and budget.

Built-in appliances like ovens are very ideal in a small kitchen so you have more floor space. Compact models for microwave ovens, blenders and the like are also good which you can stock away in overhead cabinets when you’re done using them.

Make sure that the refrigerator is big enough to accommodate common perishables but not too large that it overwhelms the kitchen. Wine refrigerators may come in handy too if you have extra room.

Another tried-and-proven idea for your small kitchen would be to increase countertop space. This boosts your working area so you’ll be able to avoid unwanted clutter and improve the work triangle.

Try to increase the areas not covered or occupied by appliances with countertops. Try to make them deep enough so that you can work very comfortably and efficiently. Countertops may also serve as temporary holding areas for common items like pots, pans and chopping boards.

You need as much storage space as you can get in a small kitchen so add as many cabinets as you can. These will serve as containment areas for dishes, utensils and small appliances.

Aim for depth to fit in more items. You can install hanging and wall cabinets depending on the layout of your kitchen. Align the cabinets with the corresponding appliances.

Your goal is to minimize work or the distance from one point to another when performing tasks. Roll-out pantries, sliding shelves, built-in storage and standalone models are also good depending on your space.

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Small Kitchen Design Tips

Light is very important in a small kitchen as well as color. Letting in as much light through the windows, doors and a skylight is preferred to provide the illusion of space.

It also makes it easier for you to work. When choosing paint, make sure it compliments other present tones in the room especially if you have a lot of hardwood.

Aim for nice complimentary colors for the ceiling and floors as well. Pick tiles that can help make the room appear wider and avoid ceiling mold which tends to trap and limit space.

A small working area needs to stay clean all the time to avoid a cluttered appearance. Invest in a large sink where you can put in big pots and pans for washing.

A large garbage bin at one corner will help keep wastes off countertops. Wire baskets will provide extra storage space for smaller items for easy location aside from the cabinets and pantries.

Installing a tile back splash on walls over the sink, counters and range will clean up messes since you can easily wipe it off with a moist towel. Feel free to add accessorize to make the kitchen look more appealing.

Avoid too many however or you risk getting a cramped look. Glass and stainless steel materials with tall shapes are recommended.

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