Small Laundry Room Ideas: Keep it Clean for Your Effective Duty


small laundry room

Most people think that laundry room does not need to be pretty. But they may be wrong. For those who take care of their clothes by themselves, it is important to create a good mood in the laundry room. Otherwise, doing laundry will be something that you always procrastinate.

Here are some brilliant small laundry room ideas that may inspire you.

Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

The salient element to underline in order to obtain well-organized laundry room is to make use of any remaining space in the small laundry room.

For instance, to control dry and wet area, place washing machine next to sink at the corner. For equipment storage, mount basket or cabinet on the wall. Also, you could maximize unused corner to add some shelves to load bigger stuff like buckets.

If the space is not enough to put all of your supplies, don’t hesitate to put hanging-container at the back door. Folding station and hanger space are optional, but you could include them by mounting at the end room. They will sure make it easier for you to organize your laundry supplies.

Small Laundry Room Ideas with Top Loading Washer

In a nutshell, having a top loading washer means that your laundry routine is mostly spent standing up. Therefore, it is a great idea to manage washing supplies above the washing machine. It’s space saving, and you can easily reach for equipment and supplies.

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To start with, mount a large shelf with barriers on the wall. In the middle section, give bigger portion for hanger space and folding station.

Small Laundry Room Ideas with Stackable Washer and Dryer

If you want the simplest laundry room design, stack washer and dryer units are the best choice. You don’t even need a separated room for them, as you can put the washer and dryer near the kitchen area. To more efficiently use the space, put the washer and dryer next wall mounted shelves where you keep your supplies. Alternatively, for a tidier space, customize the shelves so that you can put the washer and dryer inside.

Popular Laundry Room Colors

Although this is not the main room where you spend most of your time, try to create a pleasant impression in your laundry room so that your laundry routine less boring. It may sound simple, but the process may take some time. First, start with the color your laundry room.

If there is no window around, select white to keep the room look bright. You could also use pastel colors (blue, green, pink, or yellow) to get a more relaxing mood.

Talking about mood, choosing your favorite color can never go wrong. The key is to complement the color choice is the lighting. For a small laundry room with no windows, always put bright lighting. Otherwise, the space will look so cramped.

Laundry Accessories for Laundry Room

Accessories in the laundry room do not refer to embellishment, but laundry equipment which you use on a daily basis, or weekly basis. They are, among others, ironing board, iron holder, washing bags, washboard, sweater comb, cord wrap assembly, dryer-duct cleaning kit, and fabric shaver.

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Now, with respect to laundry room design, your laundry routine will be less boring if you select your laundry accessories based on a theme. If it’s too difficult to find the equipment of the same theme, try the simplest one: choose the equipment of the same color, or different colors that complement the whole interior.

All in all, laundry room isn’t the main section of the house, but you should give more attention to small laundry room idea. Besides managing storage placement, extra treatment is needed.

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