How to Create a Small Mudroom Bench for Your Entryway


small mudroom bench ideas

What is worse than having to come home to a cluttered space? Sometimes your belongings don’t have a home or a place to reside in, so you just toss it randomly, cluttering the place you live.

Trust me, your chair, your countertops, your living room table, and your kitchen set in fact, can, look amazing by minimalizing what sits on the surfaces. To do this, you can make a hack in your entryway which is a small mudroom bench. This works perfectly for organizing and keeping your home tidy at all times!

Small Entryway Bench Plans

The best way to place your small mudroom bench is in the entryway! There are many ways to set up a small mudroom bench in your entryway depending on the space you have. Examine your space and figure out the best and most effective placement for your small mudroom bench, depending on your home.

However tiny the mudroom you own, remember the essentials: a hanger, a bench to sit on while putting and taking off shoes, a floor that is waterproof and can handle the mud you bring home, and lastly, a trash bin. Also, a trick to make your small mudroom bench look beautiful is to color the bench the same shade as the walls, this blends perfectly.

Small Mudroom Bench with Storage

A small mudroom does not equal no storage room, you can fit all the essentials above by placing them vertically, this also creates a look of a wider space. First, the hanger, you can put it one to one and a half meter above the bench for hanging coats and bags that you constantly use on a daily basis.

Second, the bench can be half a meter tall from the ground with holes beneath the bench to create space for shoes, trash bin, or even for your cat to sleep in.

Third, put storage bins above the hanger for additional items and organizations. You can also color this the same as your bench and your wall. And with that, you have the perfect storage for all your items to go out the door. If you still have a little space left, you can buy a Rustin bin to throw all the umbrellas in it, plus, it’s going to give a classic look to your small mudroom bench!

DIY Small Entryway Bench

Who says you can’t make your own entryway bench? Whoever said that is a liar and you don’t have to listen, because frankly, a DIY entryway bench is actually do-able! First, envision what you want your mudroom bench to look like.

You can always take the unused cabinet in your garage and turn it into a nice welcoming bench on your entryway. Or if you don’t have anything, you can go to the dollar store and purchase a cheap cabinet or even a leftover plywood.

Second, outline the bench on your wall and size it, don’t forget to rip the baseboard off so your bench can sit stuck to the wall. Lastly, before you put it up, paint your DIY-ed bench with the shade you want, let it dry and put it up. There you have your small mudroom bench in the entryway!

Rewarding yourself with a well-organized home is easy once you get the hang of it! Goodluck on your small mudroom bench and enjoy a less cluttered home!

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