30 Small Sectional Sofas to Match with Various Designs and Style


Sectional sofa that comes with different pieces of seats and chairs has at least three advantages for your sitting space. First, you can easily adjust the number of the pieces with your decoration budget and the area of the room. Second, it welcomes the family members and the guests in a friendly coziness, and third, it works well with almost every design, style, or theme you raise.

Sound unbelievable? You’d better believe as you read through these 30 examples of small sectional sofas in different design and arrangement.

1. Geometrical pattern in neutral space

Combining neutral color palettes and geometrical patterns is a typical quality of modern interior design. In a white living room, a gray sectional sofa as the main furniture serves to neutralize the room ambiance.

In the meantime, geometrical features are best applied to additional furniture such as coffee table, cushions, and carpet. Geometric images on the furniture will blend with the neutral shade of the room to form an excellent combination.

2. Soft shades in dynamic large windows

It is always an advantage to have a sitting room surrounded by large windows and a glass door. Besides making the room look more spacious, the dynamic feature of glass décor also brings the whole new level of unlimited coziness.

The design will go even better with a small sectional sofa in soft colors. White, cream, or beige are considered the best colors for this arrangement. Add decorative cushions on the sofa and a small rug under the table for a more attractive look.

3. Homey feature in kitchen zone

A set of small sectional sofa doesn’t have to be placed in a secluded living room all the time. In a modern home with minimalist design, placing the sofa near the kitchen zone will not make it less comfortable. In fact, it becomes the distinctive furniture that creates lively, yet homely ambiance for the family and guests who come over.

If white is the main color for the room, strong shade such as bold gray will go along with the theme. Don’t forget to provide enough light to make the zone look bright and clean.

4. Blue and gray in beach atmosphere

Bring the natural beauty of a beach into the living room by choosing the right color combination for the furniture. In this case, blue and gray are the best representation. Blue is the reflection of the open sea, while gray reflects the color of sandy beach.

A small sectional sofa in gray color will surely make you feel like sitting, or even laying in the sand. To enhance the atmosphere of natural beach, surround the sofa by blue wooden chairs and large carpet with a wavy pattern. Coral or other beach-related decorations are also helpful in making the living room commune with nature.

5. A complete set in a large living room

In addition to a recliner, loveseat, and corner wedge, a sectional sofa sometimes includes armchairs in the similar design to complete the seating set. The complete set that consists of the sectional sofa, a pair of armchairs, ottomans, and a table, are usually positioned in circular arrangement inside a spacious living room or a city apartment.

Along with multiple large windows, such arrangement will make everyone able to enjoy the city’s panoramic view wherever they take a seat.

6. A low-stand sectional sofa in modern design

Modern design is closely linked to minimalist furniture. If you want to include a small sectional sofa in your modern-themed living room, choose the one with a slim edge and low-stand feature. It goes well with the theme, and on top of that, the sofa adds the comfortable state when you rest yourself on it.

Cover the floor with luxurious soft carpet for more coziness in your living room. You can also complete the modern style by providing a uniquely crafted table.

7. Pops of colors in a brownish room

Brown can create the ambiance of warmth and coziness in a room, whether it is applied to the wall or furniture. However, without the touch of brighter colors, a brownish room or a solid brown sectional sofa may seem plain and boring. To avoid such condition, all you have to do is providing the pops of colors here and there.

Harmonize the sofa with cushions in different colors, hang a painting on the wall, and put colorful decorations on the table. Pops of colors make the room filled with lots of energy.

8. The cozy feeling in white surroundings

When it comes to choosing the right furniture for the living room, take the shape and color into consideration. The same rule also applies to a sectional sofa. In term of the shape, a circular sectional sofa is preferable because it will make all family members get together in an intimate atmosphere. As for the color, white is considered as one of the color choices that brings coziness into the room.

Other than closeness and coziness, enrich the design with a modern storage in the middle section and artistic chandelier on the ceiling.

9. Lively attributes in bold accents

Bold and solid sectional sofa may be the main point of a living room, but the additional attributes that surround it play an important room in making the room look livelier. If you have chosen bold white or gray for the sofa, accentuate the environment with patterned wallpaper and cushions in various shades of colors. The design will also work well with a pair of armchairs and a rounded coffee table.

10. Modern lounge with glass wall

A glass wall is the best choice for those who want to bring the wide view outside into a sitting lounge. Choose a modern-style sectional sofa with a tight back and solid color. Place the sofa in such a way so it faces up the glass wall. Everyone who sits on the sofa will surely feel the atmosphere of limitless light and air from the outside.

11. Contemporary colors for extraordinary appearance

Combine less common colors with neutral shades like gray and white to create an extraordinary living room. In this case, cyan, aqua, or other greenish-blue colors, are the best choice. Such colors will work well with gray flooring and white wall. In addition, a modernistic wooden table with artistic shape will complete the special appearance of your living room.

12. A sitting room on the corner

When you want to create an intimate atmosphere in a living room, place the small sectional sofa with all of its elements on the corner. The additional elements include cushions for the sofa, several ottomans, or perhaps, a cozy lounger with a large back.

Focus the arrangement of all elements on the particular side of the wall that usually features a fireplace or other attractive points. To enhance the ambiance of close relationship, muted colors such as bold yellow and dark brown are preferable.

13. Essential feature with different shades of brown

On some occasions, the living room that only includes the essential such as a sectional sofa and a table or ottoman can also look interesting, as long as it is designed with the right color combination and additional decorations.

In a small living room, different shades of brown can be used as the main color to intensify the minimum space. Choose bold colors for the sofa and the wall, and softer brown for the table. As for decoration, choose several cushions with various patterns.

14. Paired sofa in unique arrangement

A common sectional sofa usually consists of several pieces to be formed in L-shape or long structure. However, you can arrange the pieces of sectional sofa in a unique position that looks like a reversed reflection of a mirror.

All you need to form such arrangement is a pair of sectional sofa pieces, including a chaise lounge and the coffee table. Let the furniture face each other, while chaise lounges serve as the border on each side of the sitting area.

15. Stationary design in simple position

One of the most common designs for small sectional sofa is stationary. It only consists of two sectional pieces: one medium sofa and one chaise lounge with or without armrest. A stationary sectional sofa is usually placed in a television room, as it serves to comfort those who watch together as a family. Simply put it around the corner, and you will inevitably get a comfortable area to sit while enjoying your favorite TV shows.

16. Neutral property with lots of light

Gray and white is the winning combination of neutral shades. Besides, both colors complement each other to create a relaxing ambiance. While the walls and the ceiling are painted white, a gray sectional sofa in longer pieces serves as the complementary furniture.

It doesn’t matter whether you place it in a large space or a cornered room. You can always make the cornered space look larger by installing big windows with simple frames to absorb the outside lights.

17. Different material in one single room

Combining different material for furnishings and decorations in one single room is not a wrong move. As a matter of fact, you can create a lively atmosphere with mixed materials. Choose the wood material for the ceiling. Put accented wall that is adorned with artistic stones. Decorate the room with glass features. For the final touch in your comfortable sitting area, a small sectional sofa made of microfiber is the best option.

18. Relaxing spot for reading

There are three essential things that can make a bibliophile the happiest person in the world: a large shelf filled with books, a high level of light, and a comfortable sofa to sit. All of them can be realized in a relaxing reading spot that includes large vertical windows, a long sectional sofa, and of course, an enormous bookshelf applied to one side of the wall.

Choose a sectional sofa made of chenille material for unlimited coziness. Besides natural light from the outside, you can always add the additional light by installing a set of neon lamps on the ceiling.

19. Professional look with clean-cut furnishings

Making the sitting room look professional is quite easy. You only need to combine simple and straight furnishings with concrete wall and ceiling. Clean-cut furnishings that can be placed in the room include small sectional sofa without chaise lounge, a wooden table in smooth design, and stylish additional chairs if needed. Add the warm atmosphere in a professional-designed room by providing a modern fireplace.

20. Simple sitting room for a few companions

If only a few guests or family members are expected to sit together, a small sectional sofa in three-pieces, along with two additional chairs, is enough to hold them. This simple arrangement will work best in a small room.

However, simplicity in design doesn’t mean to limit your creativity from decorating the room with attractive features. Choose crafted natural wood for the table, and modern lamp stand to make the room still rich in style.

21. Various patterns and textures in soft harmony

Don’t hesitate to combine different patterns and textures in your living room when you understand the main rule: choose similar color shades for the base. Soft colors like cream or light gray are an excellent choice. Those pale hues will go with almost every kind of patterns, whether it is lined pattern on the floor or natural texture on the wall. This patterned design is completed by a plaid sectional sofa.

22. Perfect light in coral and creamy hues

Besides the right choice of sofa, lighting is another important feature in the living room. The design and placement of lamps on the floor or on the ceiling should balance the color shades of the room furnishings.

Different layers of light can be installed to illuminate coral and creamy sectional sofa. In addition to primary lighting from a modernistic ceiling lamp, various lamp stands on each side of the sofa will create a brighter impression.

23. Natural features in commodious room

In a borderless living room with a high ceiling, natural features create a warm and friendly atmosphere. A semi-circular sectional sofa in earth tone colors can be put in front of the fireplace to gather all warm and cozy elements in one place. The theme of the sitting area goes well with wooden features on the floor, the wall, and the ceiling.

24. One space for three different uses

In a combined space that also consists of a dining room and kitchen area, a living room should be able to express its comfortable feature. This can be performed by choosing thick materials for the sectional sofa and complete the cozy state with plump cushions. Just make sure that you use the space properly—the sofa section is only used for resting, not for enjoying the meal.

25. Reddish shades in different surface

Red is one of the colors that have large variations, but all of them can be combined harmoniously in a particular design. For a sitting area that takes comfort and style seriously, reddish shades can be applied to a different surface of chairs and seats.

To begin with, choose soft red or coral for a tufted plaid sectional sofa, and place orange cushions on top of it. Complete the design with single orange benches and a rounded ottoman in reddish patterns.

26. Elegant sitting zone with shiny features

Elegant theme for interior design is always hard to refuse. It does not only express the pleasant quality, but also gives the room a sense of luxury. In addition to an L-shaped small sectional sofa in clean-cut style, the shiny classical sofa can be placed on the other side of the room as an additional seat. Complete the elegant theme with aesthetic painting, glass coffee table, and wavy-patterned carpet.

27. Stylish floral design in natural ambiance

It is another example of a living room that includes natural features in its design. This time, the features are expressed through floral-themed cushions on a polyester white sectional sofa with round arms. The term “floral-themed” in this case does not refer to the pattern, but to the choice of colors that reflect various unusual shades of flowers, including bold purple, light blue, and creamy white.

28. Rectangular features with brown and red shades

Rectangular features in a living room enhance the spatial perception. Besides reflected in an orange sectional sofa, the rectangular shape can be chosen for additional furnishings like cushions or decorative, yet useful features like an accented wall that also serves as a shelf.

This theme will work well with other geometrical furniture such as a round table or soft and square carpet.

29. Private space in fashionable design

Private does not always mean secluded or expressed through the borders in every possible side to separate a certain space from the other rooms. In fact, you still have the chance to create a private space to relax by communing with nature using glass walls that look fashionable and chic. To help you with this concept, an armless sectional sofa in white will do the work. It can be decorated by motif cushions in contrast color.

30. Friendly vibe in western theme

Besides the western-related decorations, another distinctive feature of the western-theme living room is the unique texture of the wall and flooring. However, for those who don’t want to have too festive features in the room, the theme can be balanced out with a sectional sofa in neutral hues such as cream or white. The ambiance of western living can be expressed in a friendlier tone.

In conclusion, a small sectional sofa can always be combined with various designs of a living room or sitting area, as long as you choose the right style and shape of this practical, upholstered furniture piece. Whether it is placed in a minimalist design of a small living room, or positioned on the corner of a spacious area, sectional sofa is still able to express its outstanding quality and more importantly, provide a comfortable seat for everyone.

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