Stone Patio Designs Ideas


Stone Patio Designs Ideas

Stones can give off that polished and sophisticated look on your patio designs. Unlike any other type of material, stones are solid, durable, can withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions, and can last for more than a lifetime.

Some questions to ask when planning on patio stone designs.

Is natural stone the best material to use?

Using natural stone for patios is great. Since you may want to preserve and maintain your patio for a long time, then stone is the best material to use. A lot of patios are already built using stone as main component in the design.

Another great thing about stone patio design is that they blend well with whatever theme or environment. You do not have to pattern the colors around you with the stone that you will be using because whatever stone type or texture, the result will always look good.

What are some stone suggestions to use?

Limestones – Limestones are the best stone to use not only in your patio but in any part of the house. Majority of limestones have a soft earth tone color. It may also have a speckled grain, a swirl throughout and can contain fossils. Limestones are relatively new in the market.

But it is the material widely used in architecture designs, homes and commercial establishments. They are also available in many textures and finishes.

Granites – Granites have swirled or spattered grain and they come in a variety of color. Granites are known to have “busy” looks.

But nowadays, the trend is for manufacturers to flame and hone them to produce a much more stylish surface. The only downside to granites is that they tend to be slippery.

Marble – Marble is more or less the same with limestone in the sense that it grows more beautiful with time. It is also very much available in every size, color, texture and finish preferred.

Slates – In the past, slates are only used for billiard tables, chalkboard and roof tiles. Over the years, it has become popular for residential and commercial applications. Slates are considered as the perfect material for patios. They also come in many colors and sizes.

Travertine – Travertine are marbles with holes. People used to think that travertine cannot be used for homed because of its holes. But then, once the holes are filled with grout, it gives off a unique look and can add vibrancy to the design.

What are some types of finishes for stone patio designs?

Some of the more familiar finishes for stones are:

•    Honed – This is the kind of finish that is smooth without a polished surface and with squared edges.
•    Polished – This results in a shiny and glossy surface.
•    Tumbled – The stone is lightly tumbled to attain a rounded surface and edge. Not as smooth as the honed stone.
•    Antique Tumbled – The surface and edges are medium tumbled to produce a rustic appearance.
•    Distressed or Cobbled – The surface and edges are heavily tumbled to achieve an ancient or aged look.
•    Flamed – Torched so that the surface will have a rough texture.
•    Brushed – Wire brushed and acid washed to have a smooth surface.

Are stone patio designs more costly to install and more difficult to do?

Stones in patios are generally more difficult to do and not to mention, expensive. But then, if factors like thickness, size and texture are considered beforehand, then it would definitely lessen the burden and the construction expenses.

If you really are serious in getting that stone patio design, have an expert do it for you so that everything will turn out the way you expect it to.

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