Tropical Patio Design Ideas


Tropical Patio Design Ideas

A great tropical patio design can be done with the help of a professional architect and contractor who will consider your ideas and wants while creating a unique and custom patio.

This is usually the most expensive option to take. But if you want to design and create your own tropical paradise, a little imagination and creativity is everything you really need.

Here’s how to turn your patio into a tropical oasis:

Find a tropical patio design

The cost, project length, and the final look of your patio rely on the selection of tropical patio design. If you are not a natural born designer and cannot draw your own design from a blank sheet of paper, get inspiration online or from your neighbor. Choose the one you like and use it as your design inspiration.

You can also look for tropical patio designs on home improvement books and magazines. You’ll find some great ideas that you can integrate to your design.

Make a final draft based on your own taste and using the ideas you have taken from the designs you like.

Set your budget and time table

The cost of the project depends on the type and amount of materials you are going to use. Research the prices online or at your local home improvement store. Choose materials that will suit to your environment and your family.

Also determine the length of the project. Usually, it will take less than a week to complete a tropical patio project if you are working alone.

Plan the hours you will devote to the project. Some home improvement companies offer a construction crew for an additional cost if you need a hand. The key is to plan everything carefully before you begin shopping for materials.


Once you have listed down everything you need for your tropical patio project, start ordering the materials. Order the exact quantities of rocks, tropical trees and plants, sand, bricks, and concrete based on the design you have.

Remember, buying materials you need for your tropical patio should not be done on your first visit to your local or online home improvement store. Do it after you have already set your budget and have identified the amount of materials you are going to need.

Tropical patio furniture ranges from cheap to outrageously expensive. It is not the price you are after though. What you need are pieces that will last for several years to come at an affordable price. Buy smart.


Some minor changes can be made after you begin with your tropical patio project. Be careful though; little changes on your plan like substituting one material can for another cost you a lot of money. Keep an eye at your budget.

One important thing to remember when constructing your tropical patio is to divide the floor plans into zones or sections so that you can focus on finishing one area before starting on the next.

This way, you can see the development of your project.

Every tropical patio design should have a focal point. It could be a tree, a fountain, or a flowerbed.

Give equal attention to minor details. Uneven lines, wrong selection of plants, poor landscaping and zoning, and other minute details when left unnoticed during construction will greatly have an overall effect of the design.

Follow these steps and you will surely have a tropical oasis right at your own patio in no time.

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