Tuscan Landscape Ideas


Best Tuscan Landscape Ideas

Tuscan landscapes are both simple yet dramatic which explains why these are a favorite all around the world. With a little research and creativity, you can recreate its uniqueness right in your very own home.

You’ll be surprised by how much more you can save and the fun you will have designing your area. Here are some tips on how to get that great look.

Defining the Tuscan Theme

Tuscany is located in Italy described as one if not the most serene and fertile part of the country. It is important to maintain the simplicity of the entire theme by allowing natural elements and some common countryside items to decorate.

It is also relatively easy to create the appearance since Tuscan landscape designs are ideally spontaneous in which you don’t have to arrange everything properly. The idea is to make a relaxing and entertaining view.

Rustic and old country pieces will help define your Tuscan ambiance. A lot of items you will need are often seen in old villas and farmhouses.

You will most likely have an easy and fun time looking for items befitting the theme in garage sales and antique shops.

Some of the materials that can be used include iron, ceramic, slate, unpolished wood and acrylic. As for vegetation, look for plants that grow on the ground or climb up walls and provide a green environment such as vines and edible ones like cabbages, turnips and potatoes. Flowers with slender stems like tulips, daisies and carnation are also good.

Pick one to three colors to help bring out the conventional look. It is ideal to stick with traditional Tuscan tones such as mustard, orange, yellow, red and other earth shades.

Patterns are not as popular although you may apply these as accents to the solid base colors. Unpolished wood and iron will also help compliment paint. You can achieve the unique effect with either new paint or leaving cracked and old paint for a rustic feel.

Completing the Atmosphere

You need a few decorations to improve your landscape such as baskets, ceramics, terracotta pots, pans, a wheelbarrow, a wooden bucket of water and other items that are normally found in old farmhouses.

Feel free to place these in certain points to add drama. You don’t need to arrange them all in one place. You may also want to put up poles or a brick wall for vines to climb.

If you have a nearby patio, let the plants crawl for a spontaneous appearance. Use lighter tones like white or yellow to bring out the color of soil.

The sun is a very important element in completing your Tuscan landscape. You may create or place fixtures and accessories that draw people’s attention to the sky such as a vine climbing upward on a high pole or placing lounge chairs in the area facing the sunset.

You can also decorate with items that are highly related to the sun such as planting sunflowers or having tiny paintings of the sun on pots and other ceramics.

You don’t need a lot of water since the ambiance should preferably be warm and cozy. You may invest in a few items that correlate with water like a pail of water, a garden hose or an old water pump even if it’s only a replica.

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