Under Bed Storage Ideas


Under Bed Storage Ideas

Under bed storage is one of the brilliant ideas to create more space for rooms or homes with adequate storage. The hidden additional storeroom is perfect for saving less-used items but still convenient to find.

Keeping things such as extra blankets and linens under the bed is a great way to make them close at hand when you need it. Or when you have a newborn baby in your tiny bedroom, and you need extra space to save daily inventories such as diapers, cotton, and extra clothes.

Even though the storage is merely out of sight, it is best to choose ones that fit perfectly under the bed. These are several ideas of under bed storage that can be used as a consideration when choosing the right types for your needs.

Under Bed Storage Drawers

Many shapes of containers we can use, but it is considerably easy when we use drawers because it can be pulled out horizontally—especially if the one side of the bed is against the wall. Many of the stores offer the bed with drawers underneath as a part of its features. But if your bed does not have any, you can have them customized according to the space sized by local handymen or furniture stores.

Depending on what things you want to store, have them compartmented to enhance the function. For example, if it is going to be used to save small objects, it will be easier to organize if it has trays. If you think you will access the drawers frequently, construct the drawers with sturdy frames to slide them easily.

Under Bed Storage with Wheels

Under the bed is one of the places where dust is collected. If you found out that your things in the under bed storage is often dusty, it is a good idea to have storages with lid covers and with wheels so they can be rolled out of the frame for maximum cleaning purpose.

Under Bed Storage Drawers DIY

If you like to do crafty things, these are several DIY under bed storage that is quite simple to create.

  • Luggage and suitcases can be stored beneath the bed when they are not used in trips. Inside, things such as winter clothes, linens, even boots can be piled up inside.
  • Cardboard boxes can be built using simple tools you can find the garage. That way, you can customize the shape and size that you need, and even can add wheels or handgrips for easy access.
  • If needed, to create more spaces underneath the bed, you can elevate the bed with risers. That way, more stuff can be stored up.
  • An old bookshelf can be perfect for an under bed storage. Paint some of your favorite colors on its sides, add handles for easy grip, maybe some wheels if you wish, and it is becoming a vintage drawer to keep your books or other things.
  • If you are not into craft but want an easy way to make storage, you can purchase plastic drawers or containers at any convenient stores that suit the size of the space you have. It might not be easy to find a container that is the same size of the bed, so two or three containers can be combined to match the bed width.

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