Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Of all the rooms in the building, the kitchen is the one that is used the most, yet is the one that is most neglected. Most people do not give the cooking room its due value and do not take care of the same including lighting it properly.

Most do not bother to think about the importance of under cabinet kitchen lighting and think that the normal lights affixed on the ceiling are sufficient for all tasks. They forget that unless the lights on the ceiling are planned and affixed properly, shadows are bound to fall on different areas of the kitchen, including the important ones like the cooking area.

Most people plan the lighting for their kitchen by themselves and the end result is poor and improper lighting. It is important to know that proper lighting is essential to ensure that the quality of the cooked food is perfect.

When the lighting for a kitchen is planned, most people do not take into considerations the cabinets they might be fixing later. The end result is that there is insufficient lighting later on with the cabinets blocking the source of light.

If you are planning to replace the ceiling lights to get over this predicament be ready to waste a good sum of money and time. Not only will you have to remove the old lighting points that will no more be useful, you’ll also have to cover up the space occupied by these lights.

Then there is the burned to make space for and affix special angled lighting fixtures that can cast a perfect light on the problem areas. Let us look at it from another angle.

You need adequate light on the cooking range, but the light from the ceiling has been blocked due to the cabinet. When you are affixing a new light on the ceiling, you have to assure that it focuses light on the cooking area, yet does not create any problems for you.

What if you had to shift a bit to the left while cooking? Chances are that your body might block the light. Would you rather compromise on your cooking position rather than affix some lights in such a way that your movements are not impaired and yet there is sufficient light on whatever is being cooked?

As it is most ill planned kitchens do not have adequate lighting and cabinets cast shadows on the counter tops blocking even that miniscule amount of lighting that illuminate them, making cooking a difficult task. In these circumstances, under cabinet kitchen lighting prove to be a boon for the cook.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you can opt in for cabinets that come pre-fixed with such lights. However, if you want to affix these special lights to your existing cabinets, you should seek the assistance of any interior decorator. Alternatively you can browse the Internet and study various sites that specialize in such fittings and gain adequate experience from them.

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