White Bathroom Tiles Ideas


white bathroom tiles ideas

We see a lot of bathroom designs incorporating different tile designs to give it a specific theme. We commonly see Victorian or Art Deco designs for those vintage-type bathrooms, or even the modern styles for a more futuristic flavor.

In truth, white tiles is the most basic of all bathroom designs; and with a little planning, the color can be used for any bathroom themes.

The Flexibility Of White Tiles

White is the most flexible of all colors. Aside from the fact that it is common in the most basic of bathroom designs, it can also be mixed with other colored tiles to create unique designs.

As an example, the most common bathroom theme alternates the use of black and white tiles, like those you see on a chessboard. Not only does it incorporate a dramatic feel, it is the perfect design for various light intensities.

Aside from being alternately used with colored tiles, white ones can also be partnered with patterned tiles, especially those with detailed images. This is a common design used in bathroom walls.

Patterned tiles are expensive. So in order to create the same effect at lower costs, you can create your own style by alternately using patterned tiles with white ones.

Not only does it exude a luxurious and stylish aura, the artistry of it is enough to impress anyone who sees them.

Best Material For White Tiles

Aside from the plain, yet elegant, look of white tiles in your bathroom; the material of the white tile is also an important factor as well.

Common white tiles are made of ceramic or porcelain, both of which ahs its own advantages and disadvantages in regards to durability, styles, and maintenance.

The best tiles, however, are marble ones. Not only do they look luxurious, they even feel one as well. But using white marble tiles on your floor, walls, or sink can be very expensive. So it might be best to settle for porcelain or ceramic if you’re on a tight budget.

Maintain Its Beauty

One drawback in using white tiles is the visibility of stains. This is especially the case of colored stains like juice, chocolate, or even dust that dried up on the tile surface.

It is very important that you clean these tiles immediately when you see a stain on them. The longer it stays, the harder it is to get rid of.

Also, cleaning your white tiles is a tricky process. Try to avoid any colored solutions since it might cause further stains, especially when there are scratches and abrasion on it. Neutral or pH-based solutions would be perfect.

Designing Your Bathroom

As mentioned earlier, white bathroom tiles can be used in a variety of style, considering that it’s the most flexible and compatible among all the colored and patterned types. In truth, the design of white tiles with other has to be even.

For example, if you are going for the checked look, make sure that you alternate with a black or pattered one beside it. Skip two then the design is woefully destroyed.

Not all bathroom furniture and fixtures would go well with white tiles. You have to determine the color and style of furniture that you have will inadvertently merge with the beauty of your white tiles.

There are plenty of sources around on the Internet that gives you advice on what bathroom furniture and fixture would be best for your tile.

You might also want to look for sites that offer different themes and styles using white tiles. Having a general idea on what it can do to further improve the ambience, as well as the beauty of your bathroom could greatly determine the success in getting your bathroom a complete overhaul.

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